About Me

One of the most prolific photographers in the industry, is the owner of Patrick C. Photography.

For over fifteen years now, Patrick’s work has graced the pages of numerous magazines, billboards, and a myriad of modeling portfolios. Because of his astute eye for fashion, art and style, Patrick has collected an impressive amount of worldwide commendation. Patrick has traveled all over, yet, currently resides in his beloved hometown of Memphis, Tennessee. Not only is Patrick a highly talented artist; he happens to be a rather sagacious businessman, specializing in brand marketing and promotions. With over a decade of Import/Export clearance experience, Patrick has worked alongside various international companies, including manufacturers of clothing, spirits and other goods in need of domestic authorization.

Patrick has also mastered the art of using both the internet and social media to cultivate a business. He administered the once highly successful website: www.etgmodels.com, which in its day welcomed over 1 million visitors each month. This site quickly became an ideal outlet for marketing purposes and/or to locate talent for various promotional jobs. This super vibrant webpage was updated incessantly, in an effort to maintain the longevity of its appeal and its databases, which contained over 10,000 contacts spanning the globe. This is, but one example of the power of the natural magnetism Patrick exhibits as he diligently works to promote his clients’ products or events.

In 2009, Covington dubbed his next major venture, the “Real Talk Series”. He served as host of a weekly after-work set, drawing a mature crowd of people together, both in-person and online via live streaming, to discuss various hot button topics. The “Real Talk Series” stemmed from the popularity of his highly addictive personal and professional blog spots, social networking sites and chat sessions. Patrick’s ever growing list of well over 8000 followers combined, readily engaged in a wide array of enlightening daily conversations touching on relationships, personal finances, education, politics and current events. This fan base was linked to a notable increase in revenue for the venues that housed the live “Real Talk Series” events. These meetings of the mind also presented an audience and platform that was perfect for promoting the products and services of other companies, as well as, the opportunity for solid and immediate feedback.

Applauded for his daily dose of inspiration, honesty and wit, Patrick’s cyberspace circle continues to expand. To date, Patrick has become a voice of reason and realism that both men and women alike have embraced and look forward to hearing from. With his morning inspirational quotes, questions of the day, and evening discussions, Patrick has captured the attention and the hearts of an allegiant audience. Patrick Covington is currently looking to build new partnerships within the business and entertainment industries that will foster fresh and innovative ideas. Respectfully regarded as the “Future of Photography”, he is now aspiring to add the “Future of Marketing” to his list of acclaims. His business insight, intelligence and strong leadership skills make him an invaluable asset to any establishment striving for success. Patrick is definitely a trendsetter and his adoration of deep conversation coupled with the creation of all things artistic will continue to be an inspiration to others. This type of momentum presents an ideal springboard for lucrative marketing and promotional opportunities for anyone who is interested in catapulting the success of their organization.