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Artistic Perspective

This will be a long read so you can click away now if you choose to. I am going to speak on the subject, “Understanding the value of a person’s time and business”. Recently people have been complaining about rates that are being charged for professional services and don’t understand why services are priced the way that they are so I am going to expound on photography a little bit;

  •  The average photographer camera is starting out around $1000+
  •  Lens (which most have multiples) average $500+ depending on glass and mm/Fstop
  • Lighting equipment can run you about $500+ depending on types of lights and wattage
  •  Camera flash can start at $300+ depending on make, model, batteries, and maintenance
  •  Most photographers have insurance and studios which is another overhead cost
    What I have stated are low values, typical photographers range about $2K on camera and $1500 on lens purchases. Now that the foundation has been established, lets discuss why we are expensive because you are paying for our;

1. Time – We are preparing ourselves for your shoot looking at your personality, style and concepts. If a makeup artist is involved, we now have to extend our time to accommodate the service that they are rendering. When we capture shots, it is not a point and click and that is it! We are looking at lighting, composition, flow and etc.

2. Expertise – There is an immense amount of time that is put into editing. Pictures don’t magically edit themselves. Timing for editing depends on the workload and complexity of the individual who is being edited. The most frustrating thing for a professional photographer is when clients do not understand the process and continuously contact you asking are the photos ready.

3. Quality – High quality shoot with High quality images be it for personal usage or professional, you want a high resolution image (300 dpi (dots per inch)) which displays you in the best light. There are plenty of the photographers whose work isn’t clean and sleek, and you will praise it because as a client you do not understand what true quality is!

4. Experience – Most professional photographers have been shooting for a number of years and possess a true artistic eye or you would not have contacted them. As the old saying goes, “you get what you pay for”.

a. In example, you don’t go to your hair stylist and say you charging me too much, you don’t go in the Neiman Marcus and negotiate a price for merchandise, you don’t go in the beauty supply house and say that hair is too high and you will never walk into a restaurant and say the food is too expensive.
b. If you truly want something, you will pay for it. So it’s not that we are overcharging or too expensive, you are paying for a service that some of us have dedicated our lives to and we take it serious. It is a passion and calling for us and we want to provide you with only the best and you should want that for yourself!

WE are a brand just as Oprah! So please think about that when you looking for quality because it will cost you. We know that someone can do it cheaper, some might have good work also. We respect and understand that but, for US, all the time and money we invested in OUR business we will not compromise ourselves in the process!


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