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Antoinette Mercedes

Name: Antoinette Mercedes 
Hometown: Memphis, TN
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What made you get into modeling/fashion?
 My aunt was a beautician and would have hair shows I started in runway and loved it.
What are people most attracted to on you?
My eyes!!
What do you feel sexiest wearing?
Absolutely NOTHING lol
Who is your favorite NFL team?
I have to go with the Cowboys. My family are die hard Cowboy fans!
If you could shoot anyplace in the world where would it be?
Paris.. I've always wanted to go there. It would be amazing to shoot there.
How can people find your online?
I can always be found on instagram at Meechiebabi or Facebook at Antoinette Mercedes



Anything you want to add before we close out? 

Just to anyone aspiring to be and do anything. Keep going. There's always a hill after every valley. God Bless

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