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Model Interview with La Faye Lynch

What made you get into modeling/fashion? I fell in love with art and composure a while back. I love seeing the finished_MG_2245 products of others creations through art and photography. However, after working with media (photography, new releases, magazines, etc) for 3 year and realized I loved being in front of the camera more than behind it. Modeling and Broadcast journalism called to me.

How long have you been into it? I’ve been modeling for a little over a year now and been working in broadcast for the last 5 years.

What are some of your hobbies? I tend to be all over the place with my hobbies. I write poetry, roller skate, paintball, and dance. I love attending open mics and networking events. I also travel around the country in my spare time.

How do you view the industry? My outlook on the industry is definitely positive. It’s constantly changing and becoming more accepting. At one point in time there was an ideal image for beauty and what was acceptable. Now you see women and men of every shape and color on run ways and magazines. Also the fashion side is mind blowing. There are so many creative people in the world and we are definitely able to see that a lot.

You have anyone in mind you want to work with next model etc.? There are two dope ladies I would love to work with, Chynna Mayberry: IG @mayberryc and Krystal Parks IG: @itsWildB. I love their passion and drive for modeling. They both put out some beautiful artwork.

Who are some of your favorite designers? Anna Sui, Vera Wang, Betsy Johnson, Stephen Burrows, Oswald Boateng and Carly Cushnie.

Where can we find you online? IG: @Xquisite_Savage

What are some of your inspirations? My dad is one of my biggest inspirations. He instilled a great work ethic in me and made sure I knew that quitting was not an option. I also have a long list of things to do and goals. My list differently inspires or drives me to keep going.

What is a typical day for you? A typical day in the life of La Faye, is working from 730-4pm and school from 530pm-830pm during the week. Boring, I know. On the weekends I get out and explore the city of Memphis or I travel to different cities like Atlanta or Dallas.  

When not working and at the house what you lay around in? When the blinds are closed I’m 100% a nudist J. When they are open I tend to lounge in tanks, cheer shorts and long socks.

Who is your favorite NFL team?  So, I’ve been told that I’m not American a couple of times whenever I answer this question. I don’t have a favorite NFL team. My family has always been split between the Greenbay Packers and Dallas Cowboys and I refuse to choose. I enjoy the sport and I definitely watch football but I haven’t associated myself with one particular team. 

What is the sexiest thing about you in your eyes? My personality is definitely the sexiest thing about me. I’m a different kind of _MG_2408woman. I’m chill and laid back but I’m also goofy and loving. The mixture is just perfection in my opinion. My body is trying to give my mind a run for its money for second place but it’s coming in at 3rd.

When people first meet you what do they look at first? It depends on what I’m wearing. If I’m dressed conservative, my eyes are the first thing that others looks at. I tend to stare at others so my eyes usually draw them in. If I have on revealing clothing my tattoos are the first things that people notice.   

When you were growing up what did you always wanted to be? I wanted to be a lawyer. I grew up watching In the Heat of the Night and Law and Order. I thought that if I became a lawyer I could help people. Additionally, I love to debate and prove my point. I think I would have been the sexy lawyer with the great body and the cute glasses.

If you could shoot anyplace in the world where would it be? I would love to shoot on the pink beaches of Australia. They are beautiful and I have a slight addiction to the color pink.

What is something you willing to share with your readers that they might not know about you?
My childhood nickname is Girly. My entire family refers to me as Girly even now in the present day at 25 years old. My dad gave me the nickname because I would always sneak and put on my mom’s makes up. I my nickname tattooed on my lower back between my dimples, I was my first.

How many tattoos and piercing do you have? I have about 25 strategically placed tattoos and I’ve been pierced in about 7 places outside of my ears.  

What’s your favorite tattoo? It’s a tie between the tattoo on my inner right arm that reads “I am my sisters Keeper” with my brother signature beneath it and my half sleeve on my left arm which consists of multiple feminine items like a mirror, perfume bottle, lipstick and heart shaped brass knuckles. What can I say I’m a Girly girl.

Anything you want to add before we close out? Keep an eye this summer, I’ll be doing more photo shoots and hosting. Also, it was an absolute pleasure to work with Patrick. He’s simply amazing. If you haven’t booked your shoot you need to ASAP. _MG_2344

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