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Model Interview with Royce Morgan

Model/Name: Royce Morgan

Location: Memphis, TN

What made you get into modeling? When I was 18 I would get ppl telling me "you look like a model", then a few "Model Searches" came to town and selected me (which is how I educated myself on scams, but that's another story!)

How long have you been into it? Off & On about 16 years.

_MG_9966rWhat are some of your hobbies? Travel, Gym, Music, Sports, Having A Good Time With The My People, Etc….I'm pretty well rounded

How do you view the industry? It's an industry that you have to truly carve out your own niche to stand out and not be like everyone else, you have to be built tough because there are LOTS of Ups & Downs.

You have anyone in mind you want to work with next model etc.? No one comes to mind

Do you have a favorite designer? Ralph Lauren

Where can we find you online? Facebook: Royce Morgan Instagram/Twitter: @theroycemorgan

What are some of your inspirations? 90's Models/Actors, 90's Music Videos, Being Authentic To Myself In Spite Of How Unpopular It May Be Or How It May Look To Others.

What is a typical day for you? Work, Gym, Home (I'm Boring)

W_MG_0400ho is your favorite NFL team? Pittsburgh Steelers

How do you handle all the fans you have? I love those that love me, I don't take it for gra nted but have NO PROBLEM dismissing someone or setting them straight if they overstep or just become rude.

What is one the craziest things to happen you since been modeling? I had an experience in Target where a lady got overly excited from believing I was famous and have also had celebrities I was a fan of "fan out" over me and repeat quotes I've posted or have pics of my work in their phone.

When people first meet you what do they look at first? Facial Features

Where you see yourself in a year? On TV (for positivity)

When you were growing up what did you always wanted to be? A Pro Wrestler…It's Okay, You Can Laugh!

If you could shoot anyplace in the world where would it be? London

What is something you willing to share with your readers that they might not know about you? I love to make ppl laugh.

Anything you want to add before we close out? Be Authentic To YOU


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