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Tim Bachus Birthday/Networking Event

DJ Tim Bachus put together a wonderful Birthday/Networking event at Top of the Line Event Center ( in East Memphis. Tim is a veteran in the music and photography game and he has once again proven himself to be relevant in the industry; bringing out some of the hottest DJ’s which included DJ Houston, Kuttaboi, Spydaman, Styles, Jody Blaze, Phat, Showtime and many more!! The music atmosphere was live and diverse and we all know a party is not a party without C. Diddy and B Hall on the mic keeping the crowd motivated. Tim also brought out some of the best food and bartenders including The Hudson Dining Experience, Fork It Catering, Sinful Sweets by Tamika, Candy Bar Bartending services and Just The Tip Bartending services which provided excellent food and services all night long. This is a month long celebration which Tim is teaming up with Craig Cunningham for more events so make sure you follow them online and be part of the next event.

Here are a couple of photos from the event copy link to view the rest and download photos make sure to tag us online IG @patrickcphoto or FB at Patrick Theartist Covington and Tim Bachus.

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